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I have spent my entire life immersed in and part of the queer community and have decades of activism, support and love for LGBTQI+ folks. I began my training as a therapist at the Pacific Center for Human Growth in Berkeley and many of my clients and colleagues there have remained part of my practice and life. Whatever your sexual orientation, whatever your gender identity, however you wish to express who you are, you will find that I do not need to be educated about it, that I understand marginalization/oppression and that we can simply proceed to the issues that brought you in to therapy.

I have also supported many coming out processes, with sexual orientation and gender identity, and understand that for some it can be intimidating to share what you are coming to understand about who you are, even with a therapist. Our confidential space is a space of thoughtfulness, where you will be allowed all the time and introspection needed to determine what you do or don’t want to share with others. I will never encourage you to move more quickly than is right for you.

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