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I’m Megan. I’m a psychotherapist with a California-based teletherapy practice.

What I Do

My priority as a therapist is to create a safe space for you. When any of us seeks out therapy, we are likely suffering. To suffer is to be in a very tender place, and I want to honor that. Whether your suffering comes from early childhood trauma, more recent losses, relationship problems, social injustice or adjustment to big changes in your life, I want you to feel safe and companioned as you begin to tend those wounds and move toward healing.

I have spent my life working to make space for those who know what it is to be an outsider. As a therapist, I value your way of seeing the world and yourself, therefore I see our work together as collaborative. My history in activism, mindfulness and the arts guides my approach to psychotherapy.

I believe that who we are is influenced not just by our interpersonal relationships but also by our social and political environments and the standards against which everyone is measured. Part of our work will be allowing you a space outside of those standards to explore your authentic self.

Challenging Narratives and Beliefs

Our minds are incredible places for nuance, flexibility and creation. Our minds are also expert storytellers and have spent a lifetime convincing our guts that the stories they spin are true. Beliefs come from experiences in childhood, reinforced over the course of our lives, and never challenged. Part of our work is going to be to challenge beliefs that are no longer serving you and to help you write the story you want for your life going forward.

Dealing With Shame

Shame is so often the barrier that stands between us and the lives we want to lead. In my work and in my interactions with others, I’ve seen shame take the place of curiosity, creativity and intuition. When we are able to acknowledge the sources of shame, to challenge its efficacy as a teacher and to begin to replace it with leaning into discomfort, we can truly start a friendly relationship with ourselves and our world.

Compassion as a Road to Self-Awareness

In this time of upheaval and, at times, open hostility, nothing is more important than developing a relationship with ourselves that is open, gentle and curious. Self-compassion can feel like a daunting, unfamiliar concept, either too sentimental or too vague to be helpful in any real sense. My work involves reacquainting ourselves with compassion, simply being present with what is, in order to use it as a tool for understanding. When contending with narratives, beliefs and shame about ourselves, we need such tools to gently pave the way.

Let’s begin to build those tools together

Welcome to my site! Please take a look around, make yourself at home and reach out to me with any questions. I look forward to speaking with you. Together, we will be able to make that safe space and begin the journey toward healing.


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