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Adolescents and Young Adults

Adolescents often feel as though the problems and struggles they’re experiencing now will be permanent throughout their lives, which can lead to anxiety, depression and hopelessness. Seeing these difficulties as transient episodes in your life, while developing strong coping strategies and exploring what you ultimately value about yourself and who you want to be in the world, is an empowering experience for a young person. Being able to do this at a young age can be an extraordinary and replenishing source of strength that you can take with you into all the struggles that life has to offer.

When working with adolescents, I collaborate with parents and guardians to create a team of good support for your child. While sessions work best when they remain confidential, I do encourage adolescents and teenagers to find ways of communicating more openly and authentically with their parents/guardians, and I work with parents to make more space for that open communication.

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